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    The Keys to Being a Class Act

    What is a Class Act?

    it's all about the behavior

    A class act is defined as someone who exhibits elegance in appearance, behavior, or lifestyle. In today's society, we focus too much attention on appearance and lifestyle.


    This program is designed to refocus attention on behavior - the type of actions, personal accountability and responsibility that have defined ladies and gentlemen of honor for generations.


    The class identifies 20 behaviors - the ClassAct Keys - that set a foundation for being a class act - in word and deed.

    Professionalism for Aspiring Young Workers

    Who is this class for?

    college students & young professionals

    Any young adult around age 30 or less will find value from this course. Regardless of student's level of success or experience, nothing prepares you for the perspective gained by decades of wisdom.


    College students find great benefit from this course. We typically recommend that students attend after at least one semester of experience. This class will help with goal setting, preparing for internships and landing that first big opportunity.

    A great graduation gift

    I am a parent... should I consider this for my young adult?

    you paid for sports, piano, etc.... what are they going pro in?

    If you didn't think twice about paying for travel baseball, volleyball, soccer, etc. - please consider sending your young adult to ClassAct and invest in practical instruction to help your favorite Millennial stand out from the crowd.


    ClassAct makes a perfect graduation gift and will make a positive impact on their future.

    Train Your Millennial Workers!

    I am an employer... can I sign up employees?

    YES!  - this is a great on-boarding program!

    We are already working with employers to train groups of new hires during our regularly scheduled programs and custom programs for new employee/intern classes. We have also found great interest - and success - with companies wanting to bridge gaps between a more experienced workforce and millennial workers. If a custom class interests you, please submit a request for a consultation.

    Leadership Starts with the Individual

    What topics are covered in the class?

    leadership starts with the individual

    With a goal to prepare tomorrow's leaders, we accept that leadership starts with the individual. Important topics such as defining success, personal accountability and understanding relationships are some of the high level topics that are covered. More tactically, topics such as networking, time management, communication, negotiation, appearance and perception provide the finishing touches on a ClassAct graduate.

    What is the agenda for FirstClass?

    it's all about the sequence

    The beauty of the ClassAct program is not just the information that is taught, but the sequence in which it is presented.


    Day 1:

    • The class starts on a Friday promptly at 1pm. 
    • Students are busy with mindset development and defining success through to networking on the first day of instruction.
    • After dinner, the students engage in a real networking event (6-8pm) with executives who have chosen to become part of the ClassAct network.
    • Homework for the first night includes completion of a Strengths Finder test and follow-up with networking contacts.

    Day 2:

    • After continental breakfast (8am) day two jumps right into a review of the prior night's networking event.
    • Instruction begins with a mindset discussion on careers, jobs and how to strategically think about your own career.
    • A guest speaker, a recruiter, then provides an open forum discussion for students to understand what is actually happening in interviews and recruiting processes.
    • Right before our catered lunch a discussion on playing to your strengths is coupled with a review of the test results.
    • After lunch a deep dive into professionalism and perception is conducted.
    • A guest speaker - a personal stylist - is brought in to discuss fashion, appearance & how to properly think about a wardrobe.
    • Instruction finishes up with focused sessions on business skills & habits (communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, etc.), leadership and accountability.
    • The class then finishes with a private graduation dinner (6-8pm) at a formal restaurant complete with instruction on business dining and additional fun stories.
    Invest in Skills that get Noticed

    How much does the class cost?

    invest in skills that get noticed

    The FirstClass program is an investment of $1195.

    • The ROI of this investment will be greater than an MBA
    • Results are clear - students get promotions, internships and jobs
    • The cost barrier ensures only people who are serious about investing in themselves are going to attend.
    • The price-point allows us to provide this course at no charge to military veterans.
    Jim Vaselopulos

    Who teaches the class?

    Jim Vaselopulos

    Jim Vaselopulos is a C-level executive with a proven record as a rainmaker and new business development expert. With a reputation for principled leadership, strategic vision, and effective execution, Jim has built successful new enterprises and turned around underperforming organizations. Jim is a frequent keynote speaker and has been training professionals for over 20 years. Jim has an Engineering degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Marquette University.

    Where is the class held?

    the Chicago metropolitan area ... for now

    Currently, classes are held in the Chicago area - specifically Schaumburg, IL. It is a central location with easy access from most suburbs, downtown and the airport. We are looking to hold some downtown classes as well as regional events. Of course, classes organized by others can be held nationwide. Please contact us for more information.

    How often is the class held

    growing more frequent

    Open classes are generally held three times a year.

    1. Once over winter break, in January, for most college students
    2. Once in May after students return from finals or before graduates start their careers
    3. Once in late summer before students return to school.   

    Due to the growing popularity, several sessions may be held at these times and custom sessions are always being created for employers.


    Any person able to organize a class of ten paying students will receive a complementary tuition. Classes organized this way can be scheduled as needed.

    Network with the Best!

    Who shows up for the networking events?

    very kindhearted, experienced and giving executives

    The executives who show up to ClassAct networking events are all successful members of the business community. They are personally invited by members of the ClassAct team. They are the real deal!

    100% Net Givers Only

    Can I show up to a networking event?

    for Net Givers only

    Please contact us if you are interested in helping out.   We have turned down recruiters and others who may use these events as a source of candidates and/or business contacts.  This event is for Net Givers only!

    an ongoing program and community

    What happens after the class?

    it is an ongoing program and community

    • powerful network has just started.  Not just classmates, but ClassAct alumni & executive networking contacts from the class.
    • Four goal setting cards in the year following the course - helping graduates realize that keeping the promises they make to themselves are as important as promises made to others.
    • At least one follow-up phone conference with their instructor.
    • An invitation to join a private LinkedIn group where they can meet alumni, expand their network and learn from a pool of collective wisdom.
    a lifetime to learn - but a moment to become aware

    How can you teach all this in two days?

    a lifetime to learn - but a moment to become aware

    In order to learn you must first become aware. This class is not a magic transformative pill that instantly changes a person - you must do that on your own. However, the ClassAct program helps participants become acutely aware of what behaviors affect their perception, relationships and success. Knowledge of the downstream affects of your behavior, coupled with knowledge of how to keep yourself personally accountable are a foundation for a lifetime of learning.

    wisdom knows no age

    What about classes for older participants?

    wisdom knows no age

    Jim Vaselopulos has been informally teaching the lessons put forth in this class for over twenty years - as a mentor, employer and friend. In this time he has counseled people of varied age ranges - the concepts in ClassAct don't change and they always apply. We have been experimenting with what age(s) works the best - especially considering the class dynamics. However, after a certain age - and with experience in the rear view mirror, it is often best to get this type of training one-on-one. Some older students - such as those in transition and military veterans - work well in the class environment. Contact us for more information.

    no alcohol

    Is there alcohol at the networking event?


    No alcohol is present at any ClassAct event. Because we cater to many young professionals that are under the age of 21, alcohol is never present. We do, however, offer non-alcoholic sparkling wine along with other non-alcoholic beverages to simulate a true networking experience.

    100% Success Guaranteed

    I heard there is a 100% guarantee of success


    There is a 100% guarantee that every attendee will walk away successful. Register and learn more!

    freedom isn't free - but ClassAct is free for veterans

    I heard you help veterans

    freedom isn't free - but ClassAct is free for veterans

    We work closely with veteran organizations to invite at least one veteran to each class that is conducted. Veterans do not pay. Part of each paid participant's fee goes to funding the attendance by a veteran.   Veteran participation scales based on the number of paid attendees of each session.

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