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ClassAct Helps Millennials Gain Access to Wisdom

We believe that the Millennial generation is poised to make outstanding contributions in our world. Millennials are intelligent, driven and incredibly tech savvy. The world is already a better place because of the contributions of Millenials.
At the same time, however, Millennials as a generation are very misunderstood. They have been labeled lazy, entitled and idealistic. In many ways the responsibility for this misunderstanding rests upon both the older generations in leadership positions and the younger generations driving new workplace behaviors and attitudes.
For many Millennials, one way to circumvent this misunderstanding is to go straight into an entrepreneurial environment. Startups don’t have any baggage. You can be the boss in a startup. Startups can operate with “new rules.”
And while this has worked well for some, it does not work well for most. Most startups never reach their potential. Many startups fail. Startups still need capital and most capital still resides in organizations run by non-Millennials. Startups still need to work with existing channels. Startups still need to sell to organizations that are not all operating with “new rules”. It is impossible to escape into a purely “new” world.
Additionally, most jobs and opportunities lie within organizations that are not startups — organizations with a wide variety of employees and a greater diversity of ideas and experiences than ever before.
Our goal at ClassAct is to help the next generation of leaders develop in a way that helps them thrive in these diverse environments.
There is great wisdom in every organization. Naturally, this wisdom is most prominent in the generations with the greatest experience. This has always been the case. Over the past twenty-five years or so people have not changed much. What has changed, however, are the organizations themselves. Layers of middle management have been eliminated. Organizations run lean and flat. Comprehensive training programs that were once the staple of new corporate employee life have faded into distant memories. While changes in organizational structure have ushered in many good things there have also been vast unintended consequences.
One of these unintended consequences is the lack of time and talent to transfer wisdom to the next generation of leaders.
What about mentoring? It seems to be the rage? Yes it is. However, while mentoring is widely popular, few are actually getting mentored. And for those that desire to learn , there is competition to be the “one” that gets mentored.
We believe it will be some time before we harken back to an era where companies invest in individuals the way they did when we entered the workplace. In light of that, we believe that individuals are responsible for investing in themselves. At the very least, individuals now bear the responsibility to advocate for themselves to have their company to make investments in them.
As such, it is incumbent upon Millennials to position themselves so that they are the most attractive to the leadership that is making the decisions to invest in training, to decide to mentor, or to promote. This means that perception plays a key role on being the lucky “one” who gets chosen.
What can an individual do to change this perception in their favor? That is where ClassAct comes into play.
ClassAct focuses on professionalism, perception, leadership, the stewardship of meaningful relationships and a grounded view of success.
We also know, from our experience, that the qualities, skills and traits we focus on in ClassAct will not only make an employee more attractive to senior leadership, it will help them with their peers, establish meaningful networks and provide them significant advantages in everything they decide to do with their time.
Ultimately, participants of ClassAct will be poised to thrive professionally and position themselves to be the keepers of the wisdom.
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