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Shame Emanates from Within

I read this very interesting article today. It is called "Hey, Internet: Stop Trying To Inspire Me."  You should read it. The article is very telling about the author and all of the people who are praising the post. BUT... please pay attention to my comment as it has great correlation with our recent class.
See my comment here and below:
"In my 20's I was jaded with corporate platitudes (Attitude is Everything, etc.) and had a similar feeling about false positivity. However, with age and experience I realized that many of these sayings were absolutely true and profoundly powerful. My opinions have evolved through the years. The shame people are not happy with is NOT coming from the message on the internet… shame emanates from within. Pay attention to the shame, but don’t dwell on it. In a similar fashion, fear is a positive emotion as long as you recognize its onset and do not let it consume your attention. The shame you feel is telling you something. Don’t feel bad about it.. do something about it. The moment I accepted the platitudes I rejected for so many years is the moment my success started in earnest."
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