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The Missing "All Lives Matter" Faux Pas

Much is being talked about with presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s comments that “all lives matter” at a recent progressive gathering. I won’t delve into the politics of the situation, but I did notice one thing that is worth pointing out.
Notice the gentleman interviewing him. He is on his phone.
Think for a moment all of the the things this gentleman knew in advance.
I will be interviewing a presidential candidate
CNN will be there filming the event
There is a good chance this interview will be on the national news
Armed with all of this information, he still feels compelled to look intently down at his phone during the interview and on TV.
One could argue that he was getting late-breaking information for the interview or that he was getting questions from the audience. All I can say is that he missed the actual late-breaking news while he was looking at his phone.
It is inexcusable to be this inattentive during such an important event. In reality, it is inexcusable in almost any situation.
But one could argue that his notes were on his phone. Perhaps, but I suspect those odds are long. Regardless, in situations such as this, it is best to stick with pen and paper for your notes to avoid any misconceptions.
At events such as this, put away the phone. Turn it off. Focus on the interview and your guest.
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