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  • ClassAct Teaches What Is Missing From Even the Best University Business Programs

    The ClassAct program is a course that gives college students and recent graduates the ultimate advantage when it comes to breaking into the workforce and thriving.


    University business programs teach the tangible business concepts of accounting, marketing and sales.

    ClassAct students are versed in the intangibles that put them in a special category, far above their peers. These intangibles are the behavior, mindset and lifestyle that defines the most successful professionals.


    Most professionals learn these lessons the hard way throughout their entire careers. ClassAct jump starts student's careers by equipping them to make the most of every opportunity.


    Students who graduate ClassAct learn to:

    • Confidently master interviews 
    • Communicate and interact effectively with business executives 
    • Foster the mindset of success shared by today's elite professionals
    • Build a strong network and maintain the relationships
    • Conduct themselves with class at all times

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  • Real Results From Our Graduates

    Jeff R.​


    "I was a member of the FirstClass and found the course to be full of useful information that could only be learned after years in a professional environment. For me, the course couldn't have come at a better time. I had just graduated from college and was in the thick of my job search. The tools and tips that I learned as a part of the class, especially in regards to the interview process, played a major role in me landing my first "real job" and continued success in my current position."


    "Jim Vaselopulos is a fountain of knowledge and is gracious enough to share his experiences so his students can learn from both his successes and failures. I highly recommend this course to any young professional looking to break into the work force, or looking to keep his or her professional skills sharp with an informative and fun refresher course."



    Peter P.​


    "To give you my background I graduated college this past May from the University of Iowa obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering with minors in both Business Administration and Mathematics. I currently am employed in the OMT (Operations Management Training) Program with Union Pacific as a Transportation Manager (today was actually my first day). I strongly believe I would not have gotten this job if I had not taken ClassAct with Jim."


    "Through ClassAct I not only learned what my strengths were, but I learned how to leverage those strengths to my advantage rather than trying to improve on my weaknesses to achieve goals. I also learned to "play chess instead of checkers", meaning I look to the future, set my goals based on where I want to be and then take the appropriate course of action towards achieving those goals. Both of these were something I had not been doing in the past."


    "I also began having a different outlook on how to approach my everyday life. I keep a promise book just as Jim had taught us. By keeping this promise I am not only better on making sure I keep track of my goals and all the promises I make, but something where everyone begins to become impressed when I remember all the little promises I make them. Because of this more people have began to come to me for advice on what they should do or how they should approach something."


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